Gray Training first came to my attention when I noticed that the only thing that every person I actually hired had in common, was that they had attended at least one Gray Training course

– The Training Manager of a leading South African Bank

Linking learner wants with industry needs

This morning I have set aside time to say thank you to you and your organisation for the service you provide. Thanks more so for the weekly tips that help us provide more effective training in our organisations. So far I have compiled a file of these lovely goodies.

Keep up the good work for it is much appreciated.

– Genevieve Koopman, GPEDU

You help us provide more effective training!

I love these tips. Please overload me with these activities, ice breakers, etc. I am grateful and will use them all. Training can actually be fun for all.

Kind regards,

– Isabel van Niekerk, Ampath

Please overload me!

On behalf of the Training and Development Team at MortgageSA I would like to thank you for facilitating the Assessor Training. Your passion and enthusiasm for the subject made a real difference to our learning and we look forward to passing this learning on to others.

We hope you had a good flight back to JHB and hope to see you in Cape Town again soon.

Warm regards,

– Theresa Kearley, Training and Development Manager – MortgageSA

Your passion and enthusiasm made a real difference!

Today’s training tip is just WOW! Never mind training, you make me want to go back to teaching! I think our children are missing out on so much!

There are very few classrooms where even just a tiny bit of creativity is happening from the teachers. No expectations are ever asked of the learners (What’s in if for me)

Mountains of work is just dumped on them, it can be so different in the classrooms.

We should start assessing them and then open an Academy for Teachers…

Your training tips are little jewels!

– Linette van Schalkwyk, ABSA DCS Contact Centre – Training Department

Just WOW!

Thanks so much for your tips, they are very enriching. Today’s was such an eye opener, thanks again.

Please keep sending the tips, we benefit a lot from them, I no longer just sit and wonder, my imagination really flows ever since you added me onto your list.

To your success

Kindest Regards,

– Zandile Mfete, Tupperware

Today’s training tip was such an eye opener!

I had the opportunity to attend the Business Writing Skills. This was an amazing course and I have learnt so many relevant skills and techniques that I know will prove invaluable in future.

I do however wish that I could have attended this course earlier as this would have assisted me greatly in the preparation for the APC exam that I wrote on 19 November. I would recommend this course to everyone, especially the trainees who will be writing the APC next year.

Karen thank you for the passion while presenting the course and all the effort with the great examples. Thank you KPMG for the opportunity to attend such a course.

Best regards

–  Celeste Harris, Senior Accountant, Regional Audit, KPMG Inc.

Thank you for the passion!

How wonderful it is to have committed people like you who are always willing to share their experiences with other people.

I use your ideas a lot and I feel happy as I come up with new ideas for ice-breakers.

Thank you

– Phakama Mzileni, Khululeka

I feel happy!