For the Instructional Designer

Analysis and Assessment – The logical first step for the instructional design process. This workshop builds skills in identifying the business need for the training. You will learn a practical approach to organisational needs analysis, competency element analysis and unit standard analysis.

Brochure Analysis and Assessment

Plan and Design Outcomes-Based Learning Material – The next step in the instructional design process. You will learn how to create a blueprint for the learning material, planning the lessons, elearning slides, or coaching interventions required to reach the business finishing line.

Brochure Plan and Design

Develop Outcomes-Based Learning Material – The third step in the instructional design process teaches you the skills you need to develop facilitator guides, learner guides, storyboard content, and learning aids.

Brochure Develop Outcomes-Based Learning Material

Writing for Instructional Designers – A new programme from Gray Training. This practical workshop builds the skills to write grammatically and memorably, creating learning material that is relevant for your target group.

Brochure – in development Please contact us for information.