Development Process

1. Analysis

We have a selection of state-of-the-art tools to unlock the complex information in a unit standard, in product knowledge and in a competency element. These tools guarantee that we start any project with the correct information, and end with a relevant curriculum.

The analysis report is a key deliverable, forming the basis for the agreement of the scope of the project. The client’s signature tells us that we have defined the correct building blocks to start the design and development process.

2. Design

We use a rigorous process for developing a learning blueprint which ensures that the learning is outcomes-based and is relevant and exciting for adult learners. Best learning and optimum transfer to the workplace demands that learning is hands-on, experiential and creative – and the design blueprint allows us to plan all of these qualities into the learning material.

The design blueprint is another key deliverable. It specifies exactly how each learning module will be developed, specifies the Fog Index levels, stipulates the training deliverables, and presents templates for reviews and agreement. The blueprint prevents costly development blunders and reworking of material.

3. Development

The analysis and design provide the materials for the development prices. We work fast and efficiently, developing materials such as:

Interactive facilitator guides
Learner guides
Self-paced manuals
Learning aids (flashcards, slides, flipcharts etc)
Learning games, in-box exercises and simulations
Assessment tools and evaluation protocols etc

4. Evaluation

The proof of the pudding, they say, is in the eating, so a careful pilot testing process is an important part of our protocol. We prefer to co-facilitate a new programme with in-house trainers so that their practical response to the training material can be included in the evaluation. And of course, we carefully analyse the learners’ responses to the material, the exercises, the assessments etc, and picking up any areas of inaccuracy or ambiguity that may have crept in.